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Welcome to Bible Matter, a ministry of Andrew Drapper.

Furnished is a day of dynamic and practical evangelism training.

Most Christians would probably agree that they should be doing some kind of evangelism or outreach… But in reality, the whole idea of going outside their comfort zone to reach the lost is just too scary.

In the 'Furnished,' evangelism seminars, Andrew Drapper trains groups of people, from all walks of life, to be better equipped to share the Good News of the Gospel. He helps them to go out with more confidence, to be more effective, and to actually enjoy sharing their faith.

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The Red Pill Report is Bible Matters news and current affairs website and podcast.

The idea behind the red pill report is to help people, (especially in the UK and Europe), to think about what the media is telling us and to ask, "Is there another side to the events that we are seeing?" Particularly asking the question, 'Are we being played?’ Is the mainstream media keeping us in the dark, or misleading us by omission or by commission?

Probably, most of you have connected the name with the scene in the film the Matrix where Morpheus, says…

The Red Pill Report