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Are Nazis, far right?

A great deal of the western media, especially in the UK seek to associate unpalatable ideologies like nazism with, what might be thought of as good and upright ideas. They constantly call things like nazi ideas, “far right.” But what the Nazi party a far right party? What was the full name of the Nazi Continue reading

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BBC bias!

I know, I should not expect anything better today. But one sometimes hopes for the days when the BBC had a world wide reputation for honesty and unbiased reporting. But today it appears to panda to sensational headlines and has a strong bias towards the liberal, left, globalist agenda. Today is have two news items Continue reading

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God bless you America

Your Prayers are with you.

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America at the crossroads.

Tonight, America stands at a crossroads. Possibly more significant than anything America has ever faced before. Tomorrow, America will chose between

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The Bunkum of “Biblical Creation”… What?

I was asked to look at an article by Frederick W. Schmidt the Rueben P. Job Chair in Spiritual Formation at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, IL. He had written quite a severe critique of biblical creationism here. My reply to his article is below. His article says… “From the vantage point of exegetical scholarship, Continue reading

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