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Evangelism Training.

What are people saying about Furnished?

Here are a few people's comments about the Furnished evangelism training day and materials.

Pastor Phil Herklots - Oxford Assemblies of God.

"Furnished is a superb course – utterly worth any effort it might take to encourage people to come! Once in attendance, the powerful combination of sound Biblical content, creative presentation and Andrew’s gracious down to earth manner – allow obstacles of fear, ignorance and pride to evaporate!

For us, to have nine churches of varying denominations & 'cultures’ represented among our 'Furnished’ delegates was truely encouraging. But to have all of them thrilled at what they learnt – can only be attributed to God’s passion for the lost and His favour on this course.

As a local church leader I strongly endorse 'Furnished’ and Andrew Drapper. They are tools God is using, by His Spirit and His Word, to develop confidence & release fruitfulness in His Church. I urge you to prayerfully consider inviting Andrew to lead a 'Furnished’ course. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to welcome and serve others from local churches."

What are people saying about Furnished?

Listen to how Furnished has helped give a clearer foundation of Biblical principles for evangelism, and encouraged participants to get out and engage with people on the streets.

What are people saying about their FIRST TIME doing evangelism?

Listen to these first time evangelists tell of how Furnished helped to prepare them to go out onto the streets with confidence.

What are people saying about the TRACTS used in Furnished?

Listen to how the tracts introduced at Furnished help to break the ice and work as effective tools for helping you share the gospel.