Bible Matters

Welcome to Bible Matter, a ministry of Andrew Drapper.

Evangelism Training.

Furnished Training?

These are the first three sessions. There is a fourth session that comes just before we go out onto the streets, but this is the main teaching.

Session One.

In this first session we start by looking at, "How not to share the Gospel." We cover some of the common things that people say when wanting to lead people to Christ that are not really biblical.

Then we move on to look at two powerful tools that God has given us to help us reach the lost with the Gospel.

Session Two.

Session two is where we get into the meat of how we can use biblical principles to lead people to Christ. You will learn a simple four-step process to help you stay on track and know where you want to go next.

We will also introduce you to some simple but very effective tracts and other tools to open up conversations.

Session Three.

Session three is probably my favourite session. We start with a review of session two, but we are soon into looking at how to reach different groups and then how to answer the most common objections.