Bible Matters

Welcome to Bible Matter, a ministry of Andrew Drapper.

Andrew's Teaching

Andrew Drapper speaks on a number of subjects:

  • Creation
  • Apologetics
  • The Gospel
  • And general Bible subjects

however, he has two main seminars that he is teaching at the moment.

Furnished – a one day street evangelism seminar

Arking About – a one evening talk on Noah Ark and the evidence for a young Earth.

Arking About is an exciting look into the very earliest days of Earth’s history…

  • Hear about a man who lived to 969 years old
  • Find out about monster size insects
  • Where did dinosaurs come from?
  • What happened to them?
  • How did Noah get all the animals into a boat?
  • How come we have so many fossils?
  • See a scale model of Noah’s Ark

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Most Christians would probably agree that they should be doing some kind of evangelism or outreach… But in reality the whole idea of going outside their comfort zone to reach the lost is just too scary.

  • Practical Evangelism Training
  • Based on the best selling TV Programme 'Way of the Master’ by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron

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