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Bill Nye (the science guy) Debates Ken Ham

Promo of Bill Nye vis Ken Ham

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” of TV renown, and Ken Ham founder of the Creation Museum will be debating each other in what has been called “Scopes 2,” on February 4th 2014, at 7 PM (ET), 12 midnight here in the UK.

The topic of the debate is…

“Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?”

You can watch the debate live below. Continue reading… →

Evolution Vs. God (by Ray Comfort)

Ray Comfort and LivingWaters.com have just released their new film

Evolution Vs God

This is an amazing film and you really need to take the time to watch this.

If having watched this film you would like to know more about how to expose the fact that evolution is a “FAITH’ not a science, and if you would like to learn how to effectively open people’s hearts to hear the Gospel, you may want think about arranging a Furnished evangelism training day at your church. I will gladly come and teach the biblical principles of evangelism that you see Ray use in this film at your church. You can book me here.